AUSMESA is the Australian Minerals and Energy Skills Alliance Limited.

We are a new, independent, industry-led organization aiming to support and transform Vocational Education and Training (VET) delivery across the resources and energy sectors.

AUSMESA initiatives will strengthen Australia’s VET system by building partnerships with governments, industries, employees and educators. These initiatives will ensure these systems are respected by employers, responsive to changing technologies, and flexible to market demands.

We have been contracted by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment to deliver the Mining Skills Organisation Pilot Program.

Our current work focuses on four key project hubs – Apprenticeships; Attraction and Retention; Digital Transformation; and Qualification Reform Trials.

Understanding how we can produce tradespeople faster without losing quality, and ensuring we get a better fit between skill needs and training programs.


Focusing on workforce planning, pathways and skillsets for those looking to enter or transition into the mining, resources or energy sector from outside (complimentary) industries.


Building speed to market and responsiveness to address issues around the identification and prioritisation of skills needs for the mining, energy and resources sector.


Testing new ways of designing qualifications to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of qualifications design, and address transferable and specific skills for the industry now and into the future.

Our Mission

To connect stakeholders that contribute to Australia’s mining, energy and resources sector workforce capability and capacity, in order to ensure industries within the sector have the ability to responsibly undertake their operations.

We are creating conversation and connection across the Australian mining, energy, and resource sectors to improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of training for these industries.

Our project hubs are developing solutions to address workforce planning challenges across the Australian resource sectors by testing new ideas that focus on building sustainable practices to meet future opportunities.

We’re supporting Vocational Education and Training providers to offer strengthened training outcomes for learners, and deliver enhanced workforce capabilities for employers.

Our initiatives will support the necessary growth needed for change by ensuring that employers in the sectors have access to workers with the right skills, at the right time.

As Australia transitions to the workforce of the future, the AUSMESA community will lead, enable, and empower establishing successful and sustainable community focused industries for generations to come.

Our Vision

Through strong partnerships with industry, governments, educators and the workforce, AUSMESA significantly contributes to meeting the Australian mining, energy and resources sector’s workforce capability requirements.


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