The Attraction and Retention Project Hub seeks to position mining and resources as industries of choice for young people making early career decisions, and for people considering transitioning from other industries.

This hub is developing, testing, and implementing a framework that supports a current and future talent pipeline for the modern resources sector, as well as the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

The project aims to:

Offer an industry-level framework that complements existing company level initiatives, programs or approaches

Identify and test strategies that will attract those with partial or transferable skills and qualifications to the industry

Align the necessary skills for a successful career in mining and resources with those in other industries

Provide a centralised hub for potential new and existing talent to explore learning and employment options across the industry. This includes developing a suite of processes, models, tools and resources, and training products.

The hub covers elements that are crucial to securing a highly skilled, robust and future-ready workforce. These are listed below.

Workforce planning

Establishing and testing a process for codifying capability sets at job role level, and better understanding broad industry demand for those capabilities.


Understanding and depicting pathways across the industry, focusing on diversity, flexibility and breadth of choice.


Providing upskilling and cross-skilling options for potential, new and existing workers, and establishing a mining knowledge fundamentals skill set.

Transferable skills

Developing a model for the identification of transferable skills and capabilities, along with a mechanism for identifying candidate skills profiles that can be integrated with pathways.

Who is involved in the project?

This is the most complex of AUSMESA’s current projects and involves a wide range of partners.

Why is AUSMESA doing this?

The mining and resources sector is operating in an increasingly competitive market for skills. In order to build a talent pipeline for now and into the future, the industry needs to be positioned as an industry of choice for people at all levels of their careers. The sector has already invested significantly in its current employees and ensuring these employees have opportunities for growth and development. To maximise retention of this existing talent, it’s important that clear, long-term career pathways in the industry are visible and attainable.

What has happened so far?

NCVER has been engaged to undertake formative research on the themes of workforce planning, pathways and transferable skills. This work was completed in July 2021.

TAFEQld (and partners) have been invited by AUSMESA to submit a proposal to develop the mining knowledge fundamentals skill set.

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about this project please contact us at