Our Values

Our Values

At AUSMESA, we believe that our values guide our actions, and that our actions guide our outcomes.

Our values are people-focused.

We strive to create an inclusive culture that encourages honest communication, participation, and innovation.

We set ambitious goals and celebrate our successes.


- We listen to and respect all views, treating everyone equally and acting with integrity in every situation
- We promote good culture and a supportive team environment, learning from the mistakes we make
- We feel safe at work personally and professionally
- We recognise effort and show appreciation


- We show care and consideration for our colleagues
- We understand that what other people feel is okay and that everyone is different and has different perspectives
- We understand our stakeholders and are considerate of them
- We create a safe and respectful environment to share ideas


- We commit to achieving our goals, applying our knowledge, and delivering outcomes efficiently
- We embrace challenges to build a better future for our stakeholders
- We have a clear and shared understanding of our direction and personally align with our strategic objectives
- We know how our contribution impacts our goals


- We walk the talk
- We always do what we say we’ll do
- We have the courage to share our thoughts and accept the thoughts of others
- We have the safety to fully express who we are


- We communicate, listen and work together with a focus on a common goal
- We achieve great outcomes together
- We embrace the knowledge and expertise of others
- We seek out diverse views