In an increasingly digital and technology-driven world, it is critical that both industry and learners have access to modern and contemporary training products. In a rapidly changing environment, speed to market in training products is fundamental.

The Digital Transformation Project Hub addresses this in two ways.

Speed to Market

Firstly, it’s about exploring ways to get accredited training products into training packages with speed. Accredited courses and training packages are nationally recognised. However, these are developed according to different processes and systems. Currently, there is no process that allows the movement of accredited courses into training packages with pace and with certain outcomes.

This project aims to develop and test a mechanism that will achieve this within 90 days.

AUSMESA is working with existing system participants, including Industry Reference Committees (IRCs), the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to achieve this within current system processes.

Identification of Training

Secondly, it’s about identifying digital and technology related training needs and prioritising these needs. This aligns with AUSMESA’s speed to market objective, and aims to identify skill needs much earlier in the technology adoption curve.

This will allow for appropriate training products to be developed to meet these needs earlier than is currently possible.

Who is involved in the project?

Industry partners include:

Rio Tinto

Metalliferous Industry Reference Committee

Coal Industry Reference Committee

Drilling Industry Reference Committee

AUSMESA is also actively engaging with:

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

State and Territory training agencies

Training and Accreditation Council (TAC) of Western Australia

Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC)

PwC Skills for Australia as the Skills Service Organisation for the abovementioned Industry Reference Committees.

We are also engaging with those organisations involved in the research community, Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) value chain, and early adopters, to test concepts and approaches.

Why is AUSMESA doing this?

Speed to market in training products, and the early identification and subsequent prioritisation of skill needs, are becoming increasingly important in an environment of rapid digital and technological change.

What has happened so far?

Discussion papers have been developed. Click here for those published::

Limited consultation has taken place

Agreement reached with Department of Employment and Workplace Relations on trialling an alternative process within the current system involving AISC, IRCs and SSOs

Engagement with the relevant SSO and IRCs briefing them on the project and providing them access to accredited course materials

IRC consideration of the concept of moving the accredited courses into the Resources and Infrastructure Industries (RII) training package within a 90 day consultation period

Engagement with TAC Western Australia

Engagement with the AISC

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about this project please contact us at